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Tuesday, July 7,1925

Tuesday, July 7, 1925

Was too tired to iron much. Albert seemed so done up, too. His gland is swelling and looking red in a different place, lower than it was before. Probably gathering there and will have to be opened again. We won’t take him to Crawfordsville and I feel relieved in a way as it is too hot to hustle and get my things ready to go. Besides, Ned’s glands are still swollen although he is not ill.

(So, Grandma had to scrap her plans to go to Crawfordsville to visit her in-laws. She almost seemed glad of it, too much bother on a hot day. Can you imagine ironing in a house without air-conditioning when it is so hot outside?)

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  1. I'm enjoying this blog a great deal.
    I'm from Canada originally and we had many a summer with heat waves up to a 100 degrees where I would be pregnant with no air conditioning. This was in the late 1990s though so we at least had electric fans. There are still many homes (even newly built) there that have no air conditioning. I remember cool wash cloths being the only thing that would help me sleep when it was so hot those long summers.

    I couldn't imagine though having to do all that laborious work, while pregnant, sick myself and caring for sick children.

    Although the summer I was pregnant with our 6th child our 6 year old caught strep. Even with antibiotics he had it all summer, (would return as soon as he was off the drugs) and all the rest of us had a bout with it at some point that summer. i can't help but wonder if they could have been dealing with strep.

    Anyways thank you for sharing your grandmother's diary. What a treasure you have. Not sure if you still read these comments, but figured, I'd leave one anyways..:-)