Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sunday, July 12, 1925

Sunday, July 12, 1925,

Mama was bound I should come over there today but I hadn’t got my shoes yet and my feet swell so and Mr. Williamson, from Memphis was there so I didn’t want to go. I felt too tired anyway and do if I had to have it quiet for a while. The boys got off at 5:55 and Ned and I had it quiet. Had an awful storm about 3:30 that blew our favorite cherry tree down.

(I can't really make sense of the 2nd sentence, but here is what I think is going on. Dale and Dick left early in the morning to ride with Mac to Crawfordsville for the week and Albert was sent earlier to his grandmother's (Mama's) for the week, leaving Grandma home with just Ned for awhile.

Grandma's feet are swelling due to her pregnancy and she has to get some new shoes. She had a lot of problems with her feet later in life, probably caused in part by ill-fitting shoes.

And a big storm blew down the cherry tree, the one Gilbert spent all of his vacation picking cherries from.)

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