Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thursday, July 30, 1925

Thursday, July 30, 1925

The boys went to Collins’ to play and I finished up my mending and did odd jobs. Made Gilbert a suit of underwear, etc. Just at 5:30, the Collins kids came in and they all went wild. I had a headache and their noise drove me crazy. They were in the yard to play, then upstairs on to the beds. They lost all the sense they ever had. So did I.

(Sounds like the boys...Dale, Dick, Albert, possibly Ned, had a great time playing with the neighbors across the street, which I know included at least a son named Robert. I think they also had a daughter.

And, as usual, Grandma spent the day sewing and mending. Seems she always had a needle in hand. Interesting, she also sewed their underwear.

I wonder how Mrs. Collins felt at the end of the day with all the Smith boys at her house?)

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