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Friday, August 6, 1926

Friday, August 6, 1926
Hot – Thunderstorm

Too tired to wiggle. Loafed mostly all day – or rather sat and mended. Of course I washed dishes and did what house work I had to do and let the kids run. Harry Doyle was here most of the morning and what a noisy boy he is! Teases Ned and has him squealing most of the time. Then shouts “Keep still Ned, your Mom is trying to put the baby to sleep” does not realize he is the cause of all the noise. Not a bad boy though so much better than the Millers and Johnson boys. A thunderstorm came up while the boys were on their route, their first bad day but they didn’t care.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Harry Doyle was a very friendly, likable boy, Dale's age or slightyly older. He lived just two houses away. He didn't got to our school, he went to the Catholic schools."

I think the nearest Catholic school would have been St. Philip Neri.)

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