Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monday, August 16, 1926

Monday, August 16, 1926

Washed and slowly the clothes dried so I ironed some, but did not get a great deal done. For some reason the boys elected to stay in the house and play and they were so noisy Marjorie couldn’t sleep so she bothered me and delayed me with her crying, so I felt I never would get my washing done to dry.

(I think Grandma hung clothes outside to dry, whenever the weather permitting, year around. If she couldn't hang them outside to dry, I think I recall reading that she would hang them in the attic. I guess with high humidity, clothes would dry slowly on a cloudy day.)

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  1. In bad weather she hung clothes wherever she had room. The upstairs & attic would be too cold in winter unless she left the bedroom doors open. (Heat rising from the 1st floor was the only way the bedrooms got heated, & I don't recall any insulation in the attic. In winter the bedrooms got frost on the floors.)There was a little square hall in the upstairs between the bedrooms and that was usually one of the warmest places in the house. We would get dressed & undressed in that little hallway. Or sometimes we would dress while under the bed covers