Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wednesday, August 11, 1926

Wednesday, August 11, 1926

The two news boys went to the annual picnic at Broad Ripple today. Packed up the babies and went to Mama’s and roasted. Finished Ned a little suit for play. The babies went to sleep and I hated to wake them up, so I was pretty late getting home. Of course, Gilbert was unusually early so he beat me, but he is good natured about it and I got supper in a jiffy so we weren’t very late – no later than last night. Got a card form Mrs. Smith mailed at Florence Italy.

(The "news boys" were Dale and Dick who had the afternoon newspaper routes. They must have had a picnic for all of them each summer.

Mrs. Smith was Grandma's Sunday School teacher, who had no children, but apparently traveled.)

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  1. I grew up in the 'no air conditioning, no car' era & thought nothing of it. But now, having both amenities I can't imaging anything else. How spoiled we get