Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday, August 14, 1926

Saturday, August 14, 1926

Sultry and sticky weather. Albert’s jaw all swelled up. A new molar trying to come through I guess. Marjorie stands the heat very well but she doesn’t want to take her bottle any more. Won’t take it if she knows it. Wants to nurse to sleep but does not get enough to satisfy her unless I slip a bottle in her mouth after she gets to sleep. The boys swiped the door off of the garage and took it to the creek for a raft. Then some big kids took it from them. We made them go down after supper and get it.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "The 'garage' was little more than an old barn - I believe it was much older than the house. I don't ever remember seeing a door there."

Perhaps they boys retrieved the door, but never put it back up? I don't even remember seeing the foundation of a garage or shed in the back yard when I visited Grandma as a kid.)

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  1. There was some sort of outbuilding there when I was small. Ned dared a friend of Majorie's to jump off the roof, which she did, & broke her arm. The shed probably just fell down eventually