Thursday, August 02, 2007

Monday, August 2, 1926

Monday, August 2, 1926
Partly cloudy but warm.

Got my washing done, but seemed to get myself awful wet doing it. But it was hot and I didn’t change clothes. Did some ironing.

(Washing clothes was not the same as today. Marjorie provided more information on how they used the washing machine to wash clothes.

"Mother had a roller-type washing machine. She had 3 galvanized tubs to rinse the laundry. She could open the drain in the bottom of the washing machine, but the large rinse tubs had no drains. She used a bucket and dipped out the water to the floor (there was a drain in the basement floor) until there was only a little water in the large galvanized tub - then she could tip it over and let the rest of the water run out."

Washing clothes was a completely manual effort. Wash the clothes, rinse them several times, and run them through the rollers to get the water out of them. No wonder Grandma got wet doing the laundry, both from sweating and from the wash water.)

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  1. Doing laundry was a chore she never let me do. Too much danger in getting a hand or arm caught in the rollers. Don't a lot of us have it great now?