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Sunday, August 8, 1926

Sunday, August 8, 1926

Marjorie had her first tooth thru this morning when she woke up. It does not seem to bother her any and I would not have known it it she had not kept chewing her lower lip. Ned was still below par. The three boys went to Sunday school but I didn’t try to go as Ned was not able and is too much of a mama boy to leave when he feels bad. Gilbert had work to do and then went to the plant to do some typing. Took the boys along and the babies and I napped and read. Saw a dog –apparently mad - bit two others out in front.

(Oh my! A mad dog. I assume when she wrote that the dog bit two others, it was two other dogs and not two people. Rabies would definitely be fatal in the 1920's!)

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