Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thursday, August 19, 1926

Thursday, August 19, 1926

Mama was over. Papa bought a piano off a patient of his who had to sell hers. He thought it was a bargain so he might as well get it. I sold my old ebony one Guy gave me 25 years ago to a junk man named Crossen and only got a dollar for it, but I guess its days as a “piano” were passed and it was a dead weight on my hands as I haven’t been able to play it for years with any satisfaction. However it was almost like parting with an old friend.

(I think I may have commented before that until I read her diaries, I had no idea Grandma played the piano.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "We had to have a tall piano! How else could our kitty have a place to sleep where Ned wouldn't bother him? I remember Ned sadly wondering why the cat alway ran from him - "I like cats!", he'd say.

Here's another post about pianos and piano playing.)

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  1. When I was little the cat would lie on the plate ledge that went around the dining room wall, High enough so she was safe from little people