Friday, August 17, 2007

Tuesday, August 17, 1926

Tuesday, August 17, 1926

Was awfully sick in the morning beginning at 3:30 – a severe diarrhea, pains, vomiting, etc. Papa came about 9 but I was better by that time. Sent Dale down after some more Asthma medicine for Gilbert as he would no doubt have it if it weren’t for the medicine. The weather is sure asthma weather – but his hay fever bothers just the same although you would think there was no pollen in the air. The doors all stick so and everything in the house feels clammy. After noon I sewed some and practiced on the typewriter. Felt better.

(It was nice to have a doctor in the family, I'm sure (Papa)).

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  1. I wonder if her problem was food poisioning. After all there was just a cube of ice to keep things cool & with the hot weather, who knows. But in that case I think someone else would have gotten sick too. It's amazing to me that she could do any work after that. But when you're raising children you do what you need to do