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Saturday, August 7, 1926

Saturday, August 7, 1926

Ned got to ailing – by Noon he had a high fever. I believe he is cutting some jaw teeth. Gilbert had promised to take the boys swimming this afternoon but it got too cool. They were very reasonable about it. They did their regular Saturday collecting, then scouted around in the park with Glen Kanouse of Pana, IL who is visiting on 13th St. Seems like a nice boy. Older than Dale but they are good friends and apparently well matched pair.

(Dale and Dick were collecting for their newpaper routes. They were fairly young businessmen but seemed to do well and still have time to play.

It has been awhile since Grandma wrote about anyone being sick. They seemed to do better in the summer time, probably because they were outdoors more and got fresh air. Though reading about the boys swimming in polluted creeks and streams makes me wonder how they didn't get sick more often.)

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  1. Maybe the creeks weren't as polluted back then, but I can still remember the smell of it when I was a child. I would play around the creek but I don't remember getting in the creek intentionally. There was a shallow pond with a fountain in the middle at the park. That was where I would go to get cooled off