Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wednesday, August 18, 1926

Wednesday, August 18, 1926
Clear and cool

Ironed and mended some, also practiced on the typewriter. I really haven’t time to do it but Gilbert says that it would be harder to learn after I got into wrong habits, so I had better learn right in the first place, as will want to write letters occasionally, etc. Marjorie plays in her Taylor Tot part of the time and crawls around getting into things and getting dirty. She does not want her bottle any more but she doesn’t seem to be losing any, so fat and sweet. Gilbert “run me out” of the room last night for the first with his smoking “asthmador” for hay fever.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "I guess the 'asthmador' smoke must be the aroma I still remember. This is the date that Daddy (Gilbert) will die in eleven more years. Fortunately, Mother kept practicing her typewriting, in nine or ten years she would need the skills.")

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  1. Marjorie was four years old when I was born. A lot of what she remembers, I wasn't around yet. I don't remember the asthma but in later years he had other serious health problems, like Parkinson's Disease