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Sunday, August 1, 1926

Sunday, August 1, 1926
Cool and rainy

Was tired and didn’t try to go to Sunday school as it was showery and I didn’t want to risk getting the babies wet so we sent the 3 boys and we took our time and got ready and went on the bus to Mama’s. All 21 members of the family was there for dinner. We had a very enjoyable day. Mama had a hired woman to help and do the dishes so we had nothing to do but visit. Winifred sat on Harry’s lap and kissed him all the time. I’m afraid she will be her mother over again. Has the idea that she doesn’t ever want to work.

(Winifred's mother, Mabel, never wanted to work, it seems.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Winifred dropped out of high school to go to art school. Aunt Mabel showed me a picture Winifred had sketched of a nude woman. Onarga (another cousin) and a friend had a shop in downtown Indianapolis where they made clothes on order, where Winifred helped them when they were overwhelmed with work. She made her own clothes and clothes for her sons later on. When her boys were in school she worked a number of years in a library in Memphis, and from the birth of the twin boys she kept house for her sons and her father (Harry). I don't know what other jobs she may have had. So I don't think Winifred was lazy! She was affectionate. I remember how pleased Daddy looked one time when Winifred came to our house for dinner and she threw her arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him."

Previously, I wrote the following about Winifred:

Harry was Grandma's brother, Mable was his wife and Winifred was their daughter. I think later Harry ended up with Winifred, but I'm not sure how it all worked out that way. I know that Winifred joined the Army during WWII and married a solder, who was killed in the war. She was pregnant when she was given the news of her husband's death, and ended up in labor, giving birth to twin boys. She and her father, Harry, ended up raising the two boys.)

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  1. Winifred & Harry did live together during her adult life. She kept house for Harry (her dad) and they both raised her twin boys