Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Sunday, April 12, 1925

Sunday, April 12, 1925

An ideal Easter Sunday. Got up at 5:30 so the boys had time to enjoy their baskets and we got a good start to Sunday school. Jesse Bader conducted the services and 175 joined the church. Dale went in and was baptized this PM at a service held at 4. Gilbert took him and went back in the evening. Everything was lovely all day except the cat crawled in the cupboard while we ate dinner and had 4 black kittens on Ned’s rompers.

(It sounds like Easter was celebrated much the same as we do today. Easter baskets, church services, and a traditional day for baptisms and joining the church. I'm sure the boys even found the birth of the kittens to be a good thing, in spite of the cat's choice of where to have her kittens.)

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  1. Your comments and additional memories add a lot to the journal entries. Of course, I'm not a relative and don't know anyone involved, but it's so interesting to learn about a woman's life during this period. My grandmother would have been about this woman's age, and although she lived in another state and was in a different socio-economic group, many of her daily tasks might have been the same with the addition of some farm duties for my grandmother.