Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saturday, April 25, 1925

Saturday, April 25, 1925

Finished my curtains, put them up, cleaned the beds and upstairs looked really pretty. Then I made a cake and two pies, put supper in the cooker, finished my ironing, what I had to have. Gilbert got home and helped with the house and I bathed boys so we got ready for the Gas company banquet at the Irvington Masonic hall. They had entertainers, dancing, a good feed and a fine time generally.

(What a great, productive day! Grandma sure got a lot of work done.

I had some questions, so I called Mom and asked:

"What is a cooker?" She thinks it was probably a big stew pot. Or Grandma might have a stove that had a well in it that you put the pot down into so it was heated all around, though Mom doesn't remember a stove like that, but she is the youngest and so they might have had a different stove later on.

What did Gilbert do at the Gas company? He was an accountant. He seems to have worked a lot of Saturdays. She said that Grandma commented that during the Depression years, the Gas company didn't lay off anyone, so even though his job didn't pay well, Gilbert at least had a job.

Do you think they took the boys to the banquet? Probably not, the supper she cooked was probably for the boys to eat before they left them for the evening.

By the way, I did a Google search on "Irvington Masonic Hall" to see what tidbits I might find. I found two... it is lodge #666 and it is often included on a tour of haunted places in the Irvington area, "one of the most haunted areas in Indianapolis". Here is some information on this site.)

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