Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sunday, April 26, 1925

Sunday, April 26, 1925

Was too tired to hurry around and get ready for Sunday school. Mable was here anyway for a while so Gilbert and two boys went and I did up the work and rested. After dinner we took the boys for a violet hunt up the river above Broad Ripple and stopped at the folks on the way home. Ned took to the woods like a duck to water and walked all the way. I was tired and got cold coming home.

(Mable is Grandma's sister-in-law, married to her brother Harry.

To go up past Broad Ripple from their house, they would have taken some public transportation, probably the street car, as it would be a far walk all the way around. The violet hunt sounds like a nice thing to do on a pretty spring afternoon!)

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