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Thursday, April 2, 1925

Thursday, April 2, 1925

I cleaned out the front closet and darned all the old stockings on the place and patched and fixed up old things, cut out waists of old shirts, etc. all day long. It made a great difference in the appearance of the sewing room and closet. The boys have been awfully good to stay away from this older gang and play by themselves.

(Sounds like quite a productive day. How many of us consider cutting up an old shirt to make a new waist? (Waists are shirts). I'm trying to figure out where in her house was the sewing room? I called Mom and she said she kept her sewing machine in the dining room. However, there were a couple of little rooms tucked under the eaves upstairs, and perhaps at one time she kept one of those for sewing? The front closet was probably the closet in the bedroom on the 1st floor. There was also a closet in the kitchen, which had a lead pipe that ran up from the basement through to a closet on the 2nd floor. When Grandma wanted to wake everyone up, she could shake or tap on that pipe.

And what's this about a gang? I'm sure they weren't like gangs we have today. It was probably just a bunch of older boys that she didn't want her young ones to play with.)

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