Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thursday, April 30, 1925

Thursday, April 30, 1925
Cold and rainy

Well the cat was dead this morning so I fed the orphans with a spoon. It is quite a job. Takes about half an hour to get them all filled up with the little salt spoon I have had since I was a little girl and never had any use for. They take warm milk greedily that way, but I can’t keep them clean and can’t teach them to.

(My assumption is that for the Smith's, the cat was around more as a mouser than as a pet. I can't tell from the diary what emotion Grandma has about the overall loss of the cat. She never mentions the cat's name, I assume it had one. I know that later when my mom was a little girl in the early 1930's, they had a cat named Kiki, and that's the name we gave our first cat when I was little.)

See Grandma's Pictures for a look at a sample page from her diary

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  1. Thank you for a look at her book. I am sure she had her hands full without worrying about a cat! People were not as animal crazy as they are today. Treating animals as people is a relatively new idea.