Monday, April 17, 2006

Friday, April 17, 1925

Friday, April 17, 1925
Fair and warm

Finally finished my ironing and made Gilbert a white shirt of the goods Mama gave him for Christmas. It is beautiful goods and I want him to keep it for nice and he ought to wear it a long while. I’m feeling fine these days except I tire out too easily. Not as much pep as I ought to have.

(I'm pretty sure not too many of us could whip up a shirt in an afternoon. Sewing seems so much a part of what Grandma does, either making clothes or mending clothes, almost on a daily basis. I sure hope Gilbert kept the shirt "for nice" and enjoyed it for a long time.

I wonder if at this point Grandma has caught on that she is pregnant, and that is why she is tired and lacks "pep".)

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