Monday, April 03, 2006

Friday, April 3, 1925

Friday, April 3, 1925

The boys went to the creek to catch crawdads this morning. While gone, I scrubbed and cleaned up and was just done when in walked Nell and Mike. They had a big laugh when the boys came in looking like tramps with their crawdads. I got a dinner and we had a nice visit till 3 o’clock. They are moving to a farm and the boys are enchanted with the prospect of visiting them.

(Nell is Gilbert's sister. (Bess was his other sister, see post several days ago about her). Nell and Mike had twin daughers, Martha and Louise. According to Mom, Mike farmed several different farms, until the ground was worn out, then they would move on to the next farm. Mom remembers going to visit them in Morgantown, so at one time they must have farmed down there.

Sounds like the boys had another fun day on spring vacation.)

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