Friday, April 21, 2006

Tuesday, April 21, 1925

Tuesday, April 21, 1925
Cloudy and cool

I cleaned up the attics today and found lots of moths in some old carpets. There was plenty of coal soot, too, so it was a dirty job and the whole house seems dirty now. I guess I must have stirred it up more than I thought. Mac and Margaret came and brought their rug we are going to buy.

(I think the reason Grandma mentions "attics" plural is because there were several different rooms tucked under the eaves in the upstairs in her house. There were basically two bedrooms upstairs. One at the front of the house and one at the back of the house. The one at the back of the house had one room tucked under the eaves, but I always remember it is a relatively cleaned "fixed up" little room with a small cot and table in it. I think that on the table was a dried up scorpion, which we were fascinated with. In the front bedroom there was a small room under the eaves on one side, barely big enough to turn around in, but also finished. Mom said that was her little room for awhile. She had a cot in it that she had to step over to get into the room because it blocked the doorway On the other side was what I'd call a true attic that ran the length of the house under the eaves. It was unfinished and dark. We were always afraid of what might be in there and, it didn't help that the contents included a long coffin sized box!

Mac and Margaret are the MacMillans, two very good friends.)

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  1. My sisters are into genealogy, big time! I have been the outcast because I do not find dead people that interesting, especially when they are distantly related dead people. I have 2 letters y Grandmother wrote to my Grandfather years ago and they are precious to me. I would love to have a journal such as this and it is so great that you post it on the specific day it was written many years ago.