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Saturday, April 4, 1925

Saturday, April 4, 1925

The boys took a long hike up creek to the country today. They went before noon and didn’t get in till after 4. Starved to death. We raked yard till supper. Then Gilbert went down town on business and I took the boys to the stores for supplies. Then Dick got a bad fall against the curb and struck his penis and skinned and bruised it considerably. It made him sick. Bathed him right away.

(Let's remember again that "the boys" were approximately 7, 6 and 5 years old when they took their long hike. We can't tell from her diary if their father, Gilbert, went with them. I would guess not, since he had one leg that was shorter than the other, and wore corrective shoes, one with a much thicker sole, to compensate for that. Mom said this was caused by a childhood illness, but she isn't sure what the illness was. She remembers him walking with a cane at one time, so I guess a hike for this long would have been tough on him.

And, what business would take Gilbert downtown on a Saturday night? We'll never know!)

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