Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wednesday, April 8, 1925

Wednesday, April 8, 1925

This was the Mothers’ meeting at the school. I went. The program was good but nothing extra. Talked to Dick’s teacher. He is in her best class and doing fine. She says Dale is an exceptional pupil and can’t expect Dick to quite come up to him. But for his age Dick does fine. Went to Centenary Church in the evening. Wasn’t very favorably impressed.

(Dick grew up to be a philosophy professor at the University of Louisville, by the way. Mom said he was almost inconsolable when he got a B sometime in his college career because he had never gotten a B in college so he did pretty well academically (all A's). Centernary Church was on Oxford St. It might have been closer than Central Christian where they normally went, so maybe she was just checking it out to see if she should switch. Who knows?)

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  1. So what did Dale do as an adult?