Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Saturday, April 11, 1925

Saturday, April 11, 1925
Fair and warm

No rest today. Cleaned up the house, iced my cakes for tomorrow, bathed the boys and took them down town to meet Daddy and get them shoes. Such a crowd down town we could hardly stir on Washington St., so Ned and I got a few things and came home to finish our shopping on 10th St. Fixed pretty Easter baskets full of goodies for the boys.

(Sounds like she had quite a busy day getting ready for Easter Sunday. If you would like to see a picture of Washington St. in 1925, click here to go to a website of the Indiana Historical Society.

FYI..."Daddy" is how she refers to her husband, Gilbert. When she writes about her father, she refers to him as Papa.

The answer to yesterday's question about what brand of chocoloate Easter eggs Grandma had for her grandchildren to hunt is... Brach's Creme Eggs! (At least that is what I remember.) Today's question... Grandma used to bake a special cake for Easter. Do you remember what it looked like?)

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