Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday, April 28, 1925

Tuesday, April 28, 1925
Much cooler

The old mother cat laid around and acted sick this AM and after noon the kittens cried and yelped but she never came to feed them. I washed and ironed some. Did a pretty big days work considering my condition. No doubt about it now. I am pregnant for I feel movements now. I am only slightly larger and feel very well in spite of my cleaning, etc.

(Finally, Grandma acknowledges she is pregnant! And, now she has a sick cat, who if you remember had 4 kittens on Easter, April 12th. So, how might this diary entry have been written if Grandma lived in 2006? Maybe something like this?

"The old mother cat laid around and acted sick this AM and didn't go to her kittens to feed them. I put them all in the car and took them to the vet. I hope the bill isn't too high. I washed and dried some clothes, and because most were permanent press, I didn't iron anything. I am starting to feel the movements of the baby and am scheduled for an ultrasound anyday now. I've known since practically conception that I was pregnant due to the at home pregnancy test. Plus, I've been taking pre-natal vitamins since the beginning. I haven't started to wear materity clothes yet and I still feel pretty good!"

Times certainly have changed!)

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