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Wednesday, April 22, 1925

Wednesday, April 22, 1925
Fair and hot

Cleaned the rooms upstairs, it was a hot job. The boys went barefoot after school. It was too hot so hurt them. Ned’s little feet are too tender though and he cried when he tried to walk. He watches Philip Miller so much when the other boys are gone and is learning some dirty tricks, spitting, and saying “no” to me, etc. when I tell him to come here.

(Philip Miller must be some nasty neighbor boy that all mothers fear will be the 'kid next door' who corrupts their own little darling, well-behaved, sweet little ones. I can assure all that Ned grew up to serve in WW II, marry, have two children and become a professor of geology, so Philip's impact on Ned's behavior was apparently not detrimental long term.

Have you noticed that Grandma's diary entries are less and less about her being tired, feeling poorly, and not getting anything done? We've speculated that perhaps the furnace didn't work properly and they were breathing in a lot of polluted indoor air, full of soot, etc., and that the poor air contributed to Grandma not feeling well (that and being in the early stages of pregnancy). The boys and Gilbert would maybe not have been affected as much since they were off to school and work a lot of the time, or in the boys' situation, running around outside playing, even in cold weather.) But now that it is spring, Grandma probably has the windows open and is getting outside more and breathing in better, cleaner air.)

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