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Thursday, April 16, 1925

Thursday, April 16, 1925

Washed my hair, took a bath, ironed a little and got ready to go to the class party at Mrs. Clancy’s at 40th and Carleton. Mrs. Murphy took me and we left the little ones at Mama’s. Dale and Dick came out on the car after school and Gilbert came for supper. Mable was there and we played bridge and had a nice time. Got home pretty late for the boys but they stood it fine.

(The "car" means the street car. Grandma's parents lived on North College Avenue, and the street car ran right by their house. Dale and Dick were 7 and 6 when they rode the streetcar alone, and according to Mom, they would have had to transfer cars at College and Mass. Ave. to get there. Mable was Harry's first wife (Harry is Ruth's brother) and their daughter was Winifred. Mom says that Grandma said that Winifred was one of those people who started things but never finished them. She joined the WAC's at the beginning of WWII, met someone whose last name was also Campbell and got married right away. Her husband was killed in action before she had their twin boys, Brian and Bruce. Mom also said that they reason they knew Winifred actually was married to someone who had the same last name as she did was because there was an obituary in the paper when her husband died. Winifred never remarried, but moved around to wherever her father was, and he helped raise the twin boys.)

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