Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wednesday, April 29, 1925

Wednesday, April 29, 1925

Too tired to iron today. Had some silk things and flannels to wash. Mama came over so I just mended Dale’s pants and rested. The mother cat was sick and didn’t go near the kittens so I warmed milk and fed them with a spoon. Great stuff. The old cat doesn’t seem to suffer. She purred when I stroked and talked to her but her legs seem stiff when she tried to walk.

(Oh my, it doesn't sound good for mama cat. I wonder what is wrong with her. Of course, there is no mention of taking the cat to a vet or doing anything like that.

Remember, Grandma has written before that she doesn't get anything done when her mother comes over for a visit. She wrote on Feb. 24th that whenever anyone comes over and does a lot of talking, she has to strain to hear because she doesn't hear well out of her right ear. She can't really concentrate on getting anything else done. Plus, I get the impression that her Mama likes to talk a lot when she visits.)

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