Monday, January 15, 2007

Friday, January 15, 1926

Friday, January 15, 1926

Not a very interesting day. Spent it cleaning windows and brushing walls and pictures, etc. Dale went with Vernon Hinchman on his new route then brought him in to play with his Erecter set. They played upstairs in the hall and had a good time. The baby has reached that stage where she lays and looks at her hands by the hour. She is so sweet, good natured, and well contented, getting as fat as a little butter ball.

(Aunt Marjorie sent me a another note with comments for the next several weeks. For this day she wrote: "Mother brushed the walls and ceilings with a special long-handled soft brush to keep the cobwebs off. It was used for nothing else."

I believe the "new route" is a newspaper route.)

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  1. I think all the boys at one time had a newspaper route.Mother said the richer neighborhoods tipped the boys the least, but sometimes gave them a Christmas gift