Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thursday, January 28, 1926

Thursday, January 28, 1926
Cold Wave

I don’t know when I’ve heard the wind blow like it did last night. A terrible gale form the west and below zero, too. The boys were not very warm, I’m afraid. I must get some wool comforts made. Marjorie had the colic until 1 o’clock and kept me up in my nightie. Then Ned woke at 3 wet and cold so I don’t get much rest after that as he was so cold he wanted in my bed and that made me so crowded I couldn’t sleep very well. Mama came over today to “help”. She patched a waist for Dale while I ironed.

(Grandma has written before that her mother, Mama, was not much help when she came over. Something about talking too much and distracting Grandma from her work.)

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  1. I remember the blankets she made. Front and back were dark flannel with batting sandwiched between. quilting took two much time so they were "tied", using bits of yarn, sewing thru all layers one stitch, then tying it off, cutting the yard off, then going to the next stitch. If she didn't put batting in she could use 2 or 3 layers of flannel.