Thursday, January 11, 2007

Monday, January 11, 1926

Monday, January 11, 1926

Planned to do a lot of things but didn’t get so very much done. Just wash and look after the kiddies. They are all about okay now. They had gotten so run down during the holidays and they are lots better now. I am making Ned a little pair of wool pants as he gets so cold these days and the paper predicts a cold wave tonight.

(Grandma seemed like she could sew up a pair of pants as quickly as we could buy a pair today! I believe she used a lot of remnant fabrics to make the younger ones their clothes. Nothing was thrown out or wasted.

And just like back then, doesn't it take awhile for people to get back to normal after the holiday season.)

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  1. I remember when I was in my teens I bought a shell type top for 3.00 which I thought was a good buy till Mother told me I could have made it for.50 cents.