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Monday, January 18, 1926

Monday, January 18, 1926
Warm drizzle

Albert went to kindergarten but came home without his rubbers, someone else had worn them home I guess. It was too bad for the boys to play out after school so I let them make houses with the chairs indoors and tear up Jack generally. Gilbert did not come home to supper, but came home earlier in the evening than I expected and the house looked like a cyclone had struck it. Marjorie has quite a cold again – in her eyes and head and today acted as if her stomach hurt her and cried quite a lot. Then Ned cried and tried to get out of his nap till late, then only slept half hour when Dick and Albert woke him up. Then with the boy’s noise I got awfully nervous.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Ned and I, too, used ot make "houses" with dining room chairs on rainy days. We turned the chairs down side by side and crawled beneath the backs, like tunnels. Or lay a blanket over them and really had privacy. Trouble was, Mother always spoiled our fun by making us put the chairs back in place when we were finished!"

We used to turn chairs over and and crawl through them when we were little, too. Or we would put blankets over a card table to make an indoor tent. I hope all moms let their kids do this at least once on a rainy day.

Thank you to all who commented on yesterday's post. I plant to continue this blog until I run out of diaries, which will be in late 2008, unless we discover some more diaries that we didn't know about.

Back in the 1920's, when people went out visiting, if they didn't find someone at home, they would leave a calling card with their name on it to let the person know they had been by. Feel free to leave your "calling card" if you can't think of a comment to make.)


  1. I remember playing under the blankets. My mom would make "tents" for us. It was lots of fun. I went on to do that for my children, but had forgot about it until you mentioned it. I hope my grandchildren will enjoy this type of play as they grow older

  2. We tented indoors, my kids did and now the grandkids do, when they visit.

  3. Some times the best toys & games are not purchased but played with things at hand. Carol, I remember one Memorial day (during the Indy 500 race) you put on a swim hat (your helmet) and raced around the back yard in a wagon (your race car).

  4. My sister & I would put a blanket over the dining room table, and it became our stable... then she and I would be horses for a younger brother and our young cousin. Fun, but rough on the knees!

    My own kids liked to turn the sofa cushions on end, standing them up along the cushion platform. They'd then throw a blanket over the entire sofa so they could use the partitions as little caves.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Friend of sister with the homestead9:41 AM, January 19, 2007

    Carol and all,
    I love this site and have been reading it since September. I wish that we had a written family history similar to this. Will continue to enjoy