Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wednesday, January 20, 1926

Wednesday, January 20, 1926

Marjorie is getting awfully sweet these days and as good as can be. Sleeps all night long lately and I should be feeling top notch, but I don’t. I guess my system is filled with cold and together with buckwheat cakes for breakfast, I don’t feel top notch by any means. Ned gets me up in the night generally and always wakes up wet in the morning. The baby sits up propped in a chair with pillows tied in with a towel and thus Bess found her this evening when she happened out for supper and she was so surprised to see how she had grown. She tries to get hold of things she sees but can’t make her hands behave.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "The buckwheat pancakes started for Christmas and went on till it was all gone. Combine pure buckwheat flour (NOT a mix) with water, yeast and a pinch of salt in the evening to the right consistency for pancakes, cover and let it sit in room temperature until breakfast; make how many pancakes you can eat (best with sausage or bacon) and put the balance of batter back in refrigerator (covered) till you want pancakes again. Then the night before, get the batter out again, add a little water, buckwheat flour & a pinch of salt and mix again, let it sit at room temperature all night again, etc. You don't add yeast again, just to start it. You can just add to the batter several times."

I always wondered how they made buckwheat pancakes! Mom (Eleanor) and Aunt Marjorie try to get together once a year around the holidays to have buckwheat pancakes for breakast. I've never had them.

Bess, recall, was one of Gilbert's two older sisters. Look at her picture here. That picture kind of creeps me out a bit because I think I look "somewhat" like her. I even asked my nephew who is 11 who he thought she looked like and he said "you".

I will be looking through more family pictures soon to see if I can find some more to post.)


  1. Well, except for the serious pose, I see nothing to be creeped out about! Funny how we can recognize our own features in long-ago relatives. Actually, that might creep THEM out!

    When I visited my mother-in-law she'd always tie my babies into a highchair (that had long ago lost its tray) by using a dishtowel. I'd forgotten all about that!

  2. Sister with The Homestead6:27 AM, January 20, 2007

    OK, I'm freaked out about the thought of tying a baby to a pillow in a chair with a dishtowel! And yes, Carol, I do see the resemblance

  3. The hairstyle and clothes may be old, but in the bone structure of Bess, there's a hint of Andie McDowell.

    Maybe the only way to tell is to drive through Indiana some day and see you in person, Carol.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Carol, I have good news for you. You don't look like Aunt Bess. Maybe that's because I knew Bess & I know you. You're not anything like her, except for common ancestory, but we would all fit in in that case

  5. I don't think I see you in her too much. I think I see a bit of Mom in her though.
    Kathy, the older sister

  6. 14th Grandchild of Ruth's1:54 PM, January 21, 2007

    Happy Birthday Carol, 11th (?) Grandchild of Ruth

  7. Bess was beautiful so you must be too. I have a picture of my grandmother and sometimes feel like I'm looking in a mirror. My kids see the picture and claim to see no resemblance at all.