Thursday, January 04, 2007

Monday, January 4, 1926

Monday, January 4, 1926

Well the boys went back to school again today and it was quite a relief to me. Of course I love to have them around, but a bunch of cowboys or bandits are noisy and do get on my nerves if they are around all day long. They need some real business anyway and they really like school. Albert was in all day and he and Ned played and painted very congenial. Albert is a constant chatterbox and having Ned to talk to lets me out of having to answer all his remarks. He is such an innocent babyish boy for his age. It is hard to believe he will go to school soon. Ned is trying hard to talk these days, says any word but does not put them together yet.

(So far, Grandma seems to be keeping to her resolution to write more about her children and not the work she did each day. How long has it been since she mentioned ironing?)

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  1. I think school starting is usually a relief for a busy Mother. Most of us can relate to that