Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sunday, January 31, 1926

Sunday, January 31, 1926
Cloudy and rain.

Went to the folks today for dinner. I was so tired I couldn’t hurry and we got up late besides. Marjorie has to do better than this I can’t stand losing sleep very well. Had a very nice time but would much rather have stayed home and rested. It started to rain after we got there and we had to come home in the rain. Albert had a sore throat already.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "At least she didn't have to cook dinner! Sounds like Mother gave me an ultimatum."

I've come to realize that Grandma was a bit of a home-body, commenting several times that she preferred to stay home to read or enjoy some peace & quiet, especially if Gilbert took the boys out for a walk or to some place to swim. Though he could not walk well, Gilbert was an excellent swimmer, once saving someone from drowning when he was a boy in Crawfordsville. I assume in the water, one leg being shorter than the other no longer mattered!)

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  1. some times it is easier to stay home, especially getting kids ready and having to take a bus and transfer to another. Even if you don't get out much, which she didn't, it's just easier not to go out. I guess back then there was no such thing as a baby sitter, unless it was a relative.