Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sunday, January 3, 1926

Sunday, January 3, 1926
Rainy drizzle

A pleasant day at home. Reading Elbert Hubbard's “Little Journey” part of the time, playing checkers with the boys, eating Christmas nuts, etc. I read the journey to the artist Turner’s home and told the boys parts of it, so Dick assured “I’m going to be a great artist, don’t you worry.” Then they all got to making pictures, even Neddy, and showing me. Well they have plenty of room for improvement, I’ll say. Dale doesn’t do as well as he did at the age of five. Albert made an orange tree and black grass. They spent some time making resolutions before they went to bed.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "How wonderful the days when children talked and planned things instead of sitting and watching TV!"

Dick did not become a great artist, unless he left behind some paintings or sculptures that we don't know about. Instead he became a philosophy professor at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. I provided information on him in this post from July of last year.

In fact, other than my mom (Eleanor) doing some painting when we were kids, I'm not sure any of the Smith children did anything artistic.)

I wonder what the boys came up with for their resolutions for 1926?)


  1. The way I understand it, Dick's shop project made of wood wasnt straight and fell apart. Ned was different as he could repair stuff and was an airplane mechanic in the army. He flew over Europe with the paratroupers when they jumped. He said he was the only one on the plane who was not given a parachute
    as it was his job to keep the plane flying, Albert's talent was his piano playing. With just a few piano lessons he made beautiful music. Dale turned out to be a politition in his home city in Californis. So I guess his talent was leadership

  2. Hmmm, curious as to where in California Dale lived.