Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saturday, January 23, 1926

Saturday, January 23, 1926
Clear and cold

The first thing after breakfast the boys went outdoors to play – all four of them, but they didn’t stay too long. It was too cold. They played in the house most of the time after that, tore up everything, upset chairs and made airplancs out of them. Then when I was cleaning upstairs, without a word they (Albert and Dick) straightened everything up nice and ran the cleaner over the floors for me. Dick has been so good to help lately - more than willing. Albert will do things too if he wants to and thinks nobody is going to make him. But he is a regular mule to drive.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "As I recall, all the Smith boys (and girls) had minds of their own! That's what happens when you teach chidlren to think for themselves, but after all, I wouldn't have it any other way." Grandma has mentioned before that Albert was a bit stubborn.)

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  1. Some times children can suprise you by doing the right thing without coaching. Mine used to surprise me all the time.