Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thursday, January 21, 1926

Thursday, January 21, 1926

Mama came over today and I went to the kindergarten to try to locate Albert’s rubbers that he lost Monday. He has had such a cold and the walks have been wet so I didn’t let him go without his rubbers and I thought they were in the kindergarten by now. There was a pair there which I brought home but they were too little for Albert. I should have ironed but going over there took all morning and as Mama was here, I didn’t feel like starting in the PM so got the clothes ready for an early start tomorrow. Ran up a couple of pairs of pants for Ned.

(The rubbers fit over the shoes to keep them from getting too wet. Aunt Marjorie must have lost hers as a child, too, since she wrote "So, another kid had to go home without his rubbers?"

I think Grandma wrote more each day in 1926 than in 1925, and she so far is writing more about her children, as she intended, though she still wrote quite a bit about cleaning and ironing.

What do you think?)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAROL. I know your grandmother Ruth is smiling down on you and pleased with what you have done with her diaries.
    Hope you are having a special day.

  2. I don't remember having rubbers for my feet. All I remember is hoping my shoes would get wet enough so I would get sent home from school.

  3. Happy Birthday Carol! Now we're not the "same age".

    It seems that Grandma is writing more about the younger children and not as much about the older ones.