Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saturday, January 16, 1926

Saturday, January 16, 1926

Cleaned all the white enamel in the bathroom today and felt when I had that and the kitchen scrubbed that the house was really clean. But the air is full of smoke in spite of the fact we burn coke everything soon gets a film of black on it and of course the children do too.

(Thankfully, the days of burning coke, or coal, are behind us! I can't imaging living in an environment where you get dirty just standing there. Unfortunately, while we have fairly clear air now, in some parts of the world, people are still living under these types of conditions, with even worse pollution than you get from this type of furnace.)

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  1. Mother had a small library table that was ebony color. When we were clearing out her house my nephew & his wife took the table. She refinished it and found out it was a light colored wood. It must have turned black thru the years because of the very soot she was referring to. Every time it was polished the black soot just got rubbed into the wood.