Thursday, August 10, 2006

Monday, August 10, 1925

Monday, August 10, 1925

Had to hull beans till noon. Didn’t feel a bit good. Couldn’t have canned the beans if I had wanted to, but we didn’t like those I canned last year, so hardly know what to do with so many. Put my clothes to soak as I have no money to hire it done, but feel like I was at the end of my string.

(I'm not sure what kind of beans they got yesterday from Bess, that needed to be hulled. Certainly not green beans. Any ideas,anyone?

Overall doesn't seem like a good day for Grandma.)

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  1. Could have been lima beans or green beans that had matured, we call them shellie beans. Sounds like she did not have her heart in the job like the cherries.