Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thursday, August 27, 1925

Thursday, August 27, 1925

Ironed all morning. Was thankful for a cooler day. Little odd jobs of mending, making noodles, putting clothes away took the afternoon so I didn’t get any more house cleaning done. My legs feel like they would break before they would bend any way. Gilbert going to be too late to paint. Will he ever get done?

(Except for ironing and making noodles, sounds like Grandma "took the day off". She still seemed to do a lot even on "off" days and when she didn't feel well. There was just no break in the work that she had to do to keep everyone clothed and fed.)


  1. sister with the homestead12:52 PM, August 27, 2006

    I read this and wonder how she managed after Gilbert died, leaving her with 6 children. In addition to all these household chores she then had to go to work. How did she ever do it?

    Reading this sure makes me appreciate the modern conveniences we have, and also that there isn't as much societal pressue to have the "pefectly straight and clean" house.

  2. I would guess that Grandma would say that her house was far from perfect!

    I think she managed later on after Gilbert died because the older ones where much older by that time, and able to also have jobs to earn money.

    For those reading along who think we've prematurely revealed that Gilbert died leaving Ruth (Grandma) alone to raise her children, I did note on the title of the blog that he died in 1935.

  3. The remark about her legs not bending line sounds like your grandmother was retaining fluids, doesn't it? Poor woman!