Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wednesday, August 19, 1925

Wednesday, August 19, 1925

There was a big industrial parade this afternoon so I let the boys meet Mama and see it. They went to the museum at the state house first and Dale saw so many things of interest. He talked about it more than the parade which the paper said was the largest in the history of Indianapolis.

(I did a quick online search for information on industrial parades in Indianapolis, and found a site about the history of Indiana beer, if anyone is interested. The connection is that there was also, apparently, a "magnificant industrial parade" in Indianpolis in 1900 when a brewing company won an award. I don't believe that Grandma ever drank beer or other alcoholic drinks, and I assume Gilbert didn't either.

I'm not surprised to read that Dale "saw many things of interest" when he went to the museum and would enjoy that more than the parade. As an adult, Dale was a world traveler. He and his wife, also named Ruth, went on vacations on every continent. On the occasions when they visited us, they would always do a nice slide show of the last place they visited, which might be Thailand or Europe or Mexico or ??? Dale had three children, and I need to reconnect with them, as I think they have more diaries and other notes Grandma made on calendars through the years.)

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  1. Your blog is fascinating. As one who dabbles in my family's genealogy from time to time, I know it's one thing to have names and dates of your ancestors but to get a glimpse into their day-to-day life is really something. Thanks for sharing!