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Sunday, August 2, 1925

Sunday, August 2, 1925

Rained early in the morning and I thought it would be a good day to stay home and rest as I was tired and ached awfully. We had promised to go to Mama’s and Albert set up a tune when we talked of staying at home. It cleared off and we went. Gilbert took work with him. Guys and Burs both drove in. The boys had a big time. Georgia and Barney came as we were getting in. Had a nice visit.

(I checked with Mom and she has no idea who Georgia and Barney were. Anyone? Guys and Burs refers to Grandma's brothers, Guy and Bur (short for Wilbur) and their families.

Sounds like Albert was finally through with his long illness and was ready to go places and do things. No sitting home for him.

And I thought bringing work home to do, much less take to it your in-laws to work on, was a more recent social development? Sounds like they did it in the 1920's, too.)

(If you have already read the July 28th posting, go back and check out the comments for more info on "rolling down clothes". Thanks to Annie in Austin for some more research on this, and to Mom for confirming that Grandma did indeed "roll down the clothes".)

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