Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saturday, August 22, 1925

Saturday, August 22, 1925

Got done my cleaning house and made cake and pies, cleaned up the boys so they could go to the park as the paper said there was to be a celebration there but they couldn’t find anything. Gilbert finished putting the sizing on the walls. Moved the cabinet and I had the top and back of that to clean.

(The cabinet Grandma referred to is commonly called a Hoosier cabinet, and was something like the one on this website. She still had it in her kitchen until the day she moved out of the house in the early 1970's. Previously, I had written about the type of ice box they had which required blocks of ice to keep things cool.

It sounds like Gilbert was getting the painting done, in spite of having stayed downtown the night before! Though, Im still confused about where he was putting sizing, which was/is commonly used on walls that are going to be papered.

The boys seemed to be always looking for an adventure. Notice they are still not back in school yet. They definitely waited until after Labor Day to go back to school, unlike today when school starts up again in mid-August.)

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  1. Sounds like their school year is the same as the present day schedule on the west coast. School starts shortly after Labor Day and ends mid-June.