Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sunday, August 23, 1925

Sunday, August 23, 1925

Gilbert put in the morning painting behind the cabinet and putting that back. Then tore out the pantry and painted it. Spilt my goose grease all over the refrigerator and the things on it. Such a mess! Left all things out in the kitchen to climb over till the shelves get dry.

(It does appear that they were finally making some good progress on the painting. The pantry was a small room just off the kitchen. As I recall, there was a small window in the pantry that looked out onto the backyard and of course, there were shelves along the two sides that didn’t have either a door or window in them.

I certainly don’t know anyone who cooks with goose grease these days. I can’t tell from her diary if she spilled (spilt) the grease or if Gilbert did it, perhaps while moving things around to paint. Some research revealed that goose grease was sometimes used in cooking, like olive oil, and as a general lubricant. I guess it would be a mess to clean up.)


  1. Hello, Carol.
    I just found your website and think that it's such a fantastic idea to publish these diary entries. Kudos to you for such a worthwhile undertaking. I was especially pleased to see that your Grandmother lived in Indianapolis because that's where I live!
    Keep up the good work--

  2. Thanks for the kinds words, and it nice to hear from people who find this interesting.

  3. Carol,
    I hope you don't mind, I put your blog up as one of my favorites at
    It's so good I think everyone should read it!

  4. Beth, I don't mind, I am happy to share her life with others, and hope they find it interesting.

  5. I suppose "goose grease" was the precursor of bacon drippings. Back in the day we all saved it and used it to flavor lots of food, including green beans from the garden. Hey, we didn't know any better!