Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monday, August 31, 1925

Monday, August 31, 1925

The atmosphere was so heavy all day that Gilbert didn’t attempt to go to work. It was even hard for me to breathe, but his asthma came up worse than any time this year. The boys had a great time, with Don C. They were cave dwellers and made their huts and camp fires and roasted potatoes and Oh! How dirty they got! But such fun!

(I believe the Don C. she is referring to is their friend Don Carper who went down town with them a few days ago, not Don Campbell, their young cousin.

So, she let them play outside with fire. I recall talking our Mom into letting us build a little fire out in the back yard to roast potatoes in. I guess we survived it, too. I wonder what they made their huts out of? Did she let them dig big holes in the back yard to be "cave dwellers"? I think I recall her writing about the boys digging in the back yard in thes spring.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like to suffer from asthma (or was it hay fever that she called asthma) in the 1920’s and not have any of the treatments we have today. And, for those who have read all the way through, isn’t it nice that Albert seems to have recovered from whatever he had most of the spring? She hasn’t mentioned him in the dairy in quite some time, so I assume he was well at this point.)

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