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Sunday, August 30, 1925

Sunday, August 30, 1925

Gilbert’s birthday but the poor boy put in most of it working. He finally finished the kitchen while I got dinner and the smell almost got the best of me. Ella and the kids were over in the PM. Then Gilbert started to put the white on the bathroom, although wheezy and the brush he bought shed hairs so he decided to try soaking it. Never will get done.

(Ella was Grandma’s sister-in-law, 1st wife of her brother Guy. They had four children, Mildred (b. 1904), Onarga (b. 1906), Robert (b. 1912), and Don (b. 1922). I provided more info on them in the March 29, 1925 post. Guy divorced Mildred in 1929 and married Vangie in 1930. According to the family history Grandma wrote, “In 1929, the year that his father died, the gossips of Brownsburg began to talk of an affair between him (Guy) and Vangie Duncan, one of his employees, a divorcee, which caused trouble between him and his family.” I’ll bet it did!

Don Campbell wrote a book published in 1959 called
“Let’s Take Stock – An Inside Look at Wall Street” while he was a business editor for the Indianapolis Star.

Happy 117th Birthday to Gilbert, born in 1889. I didn’t realize his birthday was just three days before his youngest daughter, Eleanor’s, who was born September 2, 1929.)

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  1. Carol,
    Today is also my birthday. When I read it was Gilbert's b-day I was really tickled. I am such a geek.