Friday, August 18, 2006

Tuesday, August 18, 1925

Tuesday, August 18, 1925

I decided I had better not do the washing any more regardless of cost so called up the laundry but they didn’t call for it till afternoon. Mama brought Bobby and Winifred over to spend the day. The boys had a great time playing in Dale’s “hut” while Winifred played with the cat and read.

(From what I can tell from the diaries, the laundry only did the washing. They brought back wet, but clean, laundry, which Grandma still had to hang out to dry and then iron.

Bobby and Winifred are cousins of the boys. Bobby was the son of Grandma's brother Guy, and Winifred was her brother Harry's daughter.

I believe the "hut" is something Dale built in the living room with old quilts draped across the furniture.)

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