Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thursday, August 20, 1925

Thursday, August 20, 1925

I ironed while it drizzled outdoors and the boys played indoors and tore up Jack generally. Gilbert’s hay fever didn’t both him any, or rather asthma, on a day like this. It is remarkable how much better he is this year.

(I think Grandma preferred the boys to play outside because they were "boys" in general, and played loudly. She used the phrase "tore up Jack" several times, and I take it to mean that they made a mess of whatever room they were in. I'm sure our house was this way when I was growing up and we played inside on a rainy day, throwing couch cushions on the floor, getting out toys and books, deciding to move furniture around or getting out a card table and blanket to make a tent... just generally having fun.

For those in the family who suffer in August with hay fever, it appears you can trace this affliction back to Grandpa Gilbert. You will want to stay tuned to read about some of his treatments.

And, as noted a few days ago, I did find time to post some additional pictures on Grandma's Pictures. There is a picture of Gilbert in his office at the gas company and a graduation phote of Gilbert in 1909. Since Gilbert would have been 20 in this picture (he was born in 1889), this is likely to be from when he graduated from "business college". I do not know where he attended college, and Grandma did not mention which college in the family history that she wrote. Call out to family members.... does anyone know?

I also added a picture of Grandma's "papa" in his office and a picture of her nephew, Bob, who is mentioned in a diary entry a few days ago. I think Bob might have been just a bit older than Dale, and he looks like he's either a very nice polite little boy or someone who could talk his younger cousins into quite a bit of mischief! Anyone agree with me?

I want to thank my cousin David and his wife Leesa for providing this latest set of pictures. They did a wonderful job of scanning all the photos and copying them to CD's for everyone to enjoy.

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